SEA VIEW, Joyudas 2BR 2B $117,000
PH 3 H 2 B $153,000 Renta $1,100 3BR

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Houses for Rent, Mayaguez:
Miradero     3br           $875           Rented
Paraiso                       $1,000        Rented
Cumbres Miradero   $1,000        Rented
Los Versalles            $1,400        Rented

House for rent Cabo Rojo
Mansiones Pto Real 4b $1,000 Rented

Apartments for Rent, Mayaguez:
Maranelo    1H                    $650   Rented
Caobo Studio                     $550   Rented
Cond Alturas de may        $650   Rented
May Colonial studio          $650   Rented
May Colonial PH                $775   Rented
May Colonial 2h                $1,000 Rented
Maranelo 2H 1B                $1,000 Rented
Galat 2H,1b                       $800     Rented
Campo Dulce 1h              $600
Bosque 61 2 H                  $600    
Paramount 1H 1B1P        $650           
Nereidas 1H                      $425    
Gaviotas 1 H                      $400
Profesional 2H                  $500
La cima 3br,2b                 $2,400
Beach apartaments for Rent,
Cabo Rojo:
Villas del Deportivo     $625    
Playa Oeste                  $650    
Villas del Deportivo     $700    
Punta Arenas               $700    Rented
Costa del Sol  2H        $800    Rented
Joyuda Beach 2H        $900
Playa Azul                      $625   
H Golf y Playa               $650    Rented
H Golf y Playa             $1,000   
Sea View 3H,2B         $1,100
Serenity of the Sea      $950    
H Golf y Playa  2H      $1,100  Rented
H Golf y Playa  2H      $1,000   
Playa Almirante  3H   $2,000   
H Golf y Playa  3H      $1,500  
Mansiones de Espana 5H,5B, beautiful house w/pool new price $498,000
Warning: The monthly payment calculation is an
estimate based on the information you provide is
not accurate payment of Financial Institution.
LA CIMA Rent  ph 3br,2.5b $2,700.00
Penthouse apt  Joyudas,Cabo Rojo
PV $350 NEW PRICE!!!! beachfront!
MIRADERO, ocean view,spectacular!
DULCES LABIOS  $ 150,000
local comercial, 2 plantas 3,613pc

Beach apartments,Cabo Rojo:
Playa Azul stu                                   $104,900
Playa Azul                                         $125,000
Los Corales 3H                                $120,000
Apto Haciendas Golf y Playa 1H  $139,000
Apto Haciendas Golf y Playa 2H   $169,000
Apto Haciendas Golf y Playasold $195,000
Apto Haciendas Golf y Playa 3H  $279,000
Joyuda Beach 1H                            $155,000
SEA VIEW 2H                                    $117,000  
Villas Albaeden 2H,1.5B   
Sea View  PH 3H                             $153,000
Danza del sol 2H,2B                       $165,000
Serenty by the Sea 3H                   $179,500
Punta Arenas 2H,1B                       $180,000
Boqueron Beach Villas 2H SOLD $215K
Cayo del sol 3H 2B                          $180,000
Joyuda Beach                                  $290,000
Joyuda Beach PH 4H 4B                $375,000

Isabela  beach apartment:

Isla Bela beach Resort  2H,2B      $220,000

Villa en Rincon:

Rincon Beach Villa  3H , SOLD     $275,000

Aguada beachfront apartment:
Las Olas  2H , 1B                            $96,000     

Rincon beach apartments:
Ocean Club 2br  SOLD                  $215,000   
Chalet del Mar
2br,1b    SOLD      $143,000

Student apartments,Mayaguez
Profesional 2H 1B                            $85,000
Paramount 1BR                                $90,000
Maranelo Boutique 1br                   $95,000
Bosque 61 2H 1B                              $103,900
Alturas de May 2H 1B                      $105,000
Mayaguez Colonial 2br SOLD        $145,000
Mayaguez Colonial Penthouse     $150,000

Apartments, Mayaguez:

El Castillo 3H 2B                                $400,000
Cond Alemany 3H 2B   SOLD          $85,000

Apartment in Hormigueros
Monserrate Court 3br,1B               $85,000
Cayo del sol 3br,2B PV $171,000 RD
Boqueron Bay Village 2H  $182,000 RP
LAS OLAS,aguada 2bedrooms 2B $96,000
Playa Azul$100,000 R$550
SERENITY,Cabo Rojo Apt 2bedrooms convertibkes to 3, 2 baths ,Price $179,000
Campo Dulce, From $750,000 ,now $525,000! Investment property, 3 bedrooms,3
baths,spectacular ocean view house plus six one bedroom apartments for rent !!!
Medical Emporium Oficina PV 160,000
BOSQUE 61 2H 1B 1P acc controlado
Renta $600 Venta $103,900
Here you will find a variety of properties that we have.
But also you can call us for new listings that we keep
receiving.We work  re-sell  properties of private
owners and foreclosure properties of different banks.
Just double click on the photo so you can see more
photos and information regarding the property.
Quintas de Santa Maria,Mayaguez 4bedrooms, 2baths, 1,233sm  PRICE $635,000

Villas de MayaguezTownhouse 3br, $70,000
Investment property , combate beach
3 bedrooms house, one br chalet and 2br
chalet  PRICE $290,000
RIO HONDO, Mayaguez, Beautiful land aprox 10 cuerdas  Price $250,000
Close to road #2 .
Punta Arenas, Cabo Rojo.  
access.Price $180k R $750
Paramount apt   Price  $90,000
Mansiones de Cabo Rojo, puerto Real $150,000
4 br ,2 baths,fasc:pool, kids park,control acc
Haciendas del Golf y Playa ,Cabo Rojo
2BR, 2B,2P PRICE $185,000
Los Corales, Cabo Rojo 3BR $120,000
Houses for sale

Mayaguez, Villas del oeste
Mayaguez, urb San Jose 3BR $119,000
Mayaguez,Sultana 3br $125,000
Mayaguez,Villas del Rio 3br $173,000
May, Cristo Los Milagros 5br $290,000
Mayaguez,Villas del Oeste 2H $70,000
May ,Miradero 4H, 3B, pool $225,000

.Urb Hostos May 2,163mc    $93,500

.Q Grande,May 912mc           $68,400 sold

.Rio Hondo Mayaguez
10cdas $250,000

.May arriba carr105  1.9658 cdas $129,000

.Planbonito,CRojo  2,633mc $52,700 sold

Paraiso Escondido, Cabo Rojo

.Carrizal Aguada         911mc   $53,000
.Carrizal Aguada         932mc   $54,000
.Carrizal Aguada         590mc   $38,000
,Carrizal Aguada         614mc   $40,000
Jaguey  Aguada       1,819m  $140,000

.Cacao Quebradillas 8,161mc $225,000
PRICE $575,000.00  Rent $2,000.00
LOS VERSALLES 4H 3.5B PV $270,000
Alturas de Mayaguez, 3BR,2.5B
PENTHOUSE,Haciendas del Golf 3H,
3b, 3P ocean view $279,000
Miradero 4BR2.5B $195,000
Miradero, Mayaguez Spectacular house 4BR 3.5B land 1,100 sm  $399,000
Versalles,Mayaguez   5BR,3.5B $250K
MARANELO,Mayaguez PV $97,000
Mayaguez, Beautiful house w/pool 3BR $475,000
Villas Albaeden,Cabo Rojo $135,000
Paraiso Escondido , Cabo Rojo
aprox 1,000sm $110k
Haciendas Constancia, Hormigueros 4br $193,000
Mayaguez 4BR, 2.5 b $385,000 spectacular
Quintas Cabo Rojo 4BR $145,000
Costa del Mar, Cabo Rojo, 3 BR $168,000
Miradero,Mayaguez 4br, 4b $279,000
PUNTAS, Rincon $270,000 or best offer

Haciendas Constancia, Hormigueros $193,000